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Monday, February 27, 2006

scribe - annabelle

today in class we folded a piece of paper into 12 squares. On the first square we wrote collecting like terms. Then we opened it and we wrote in the 1st row in the 1st square:

9 -6 9

x= 13/9 =2

we wrote:
- choose 1 of 2 terms
- circle them
- add like terms
- solve the equation when you have only 1 of each term

we did another example:

-5x+5=10 -5
/-5 -5

we wrote:
- circle the first term
- find like terms
- put the like terms together
*cancel using integer rules

we went onto something new, transposing:
-2x -5 = -2x -5
When you simplify it becomes
4x/4 = 8/4 x=2

17 = 17

we wrote:
- you need the variable (letter) on the left and numbers on the right
- cancel the right variable with its opposite
- cancel right integer with its opposite

then we had to work on the 'sammy the seal' booklet and finish page 40

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  • Great job. I think that transporting is an interesting way to say transposing.

    Thanks for a great post


    By Blogger Mr. H, at 8:36 PM  

  • Hahaha. Nice one Mr H. hahaha. Great Scribe post.

    By Blogger Richy, at 9:56 PM  

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