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Friday, April 28, 2006

Layco's fraction growing post

2. They are the same because mixed numbers and improper fractions both have more than one whlole.

3.This site talks about multiplying to create equivalent fractions:

4. a)a guy is ordering a pizza. he asks that it should be cut into fourths because he has four friens coming over for a game. one friend calls and asks if he can bring three friends over.The pizza's and friends arrive but each pizza is missing a piece. how many pieces of pizza are left?
(3/4 + 2/3)

4. b)the same guy is making waffels and invites a friend to join him. he makes 6 whole waffels but one guy only eats 1 1/2 waffles and the other only eats 2 2/3. howmant are left?
(1 1/2 + 2 2/3)

5. I did aldrin's, allysha's and dorito's in 41! hurray 4 me!

6. This site gives you step-by-step instructions on how to add and subtract fractionsand it has its own practice game!





3.this site is one iss sen befor. it doesn't use alot of words or any picturesbut it pretty much sumarizes what we did in class. it's even got a short test that i dare anyon too try.


5.this site is pretty muchthe same site as tha last. you justread the first couple of paragraphs and you might end up being like aldrin.maybee not that mush but you'lll know everything there is and like last time there is a smalll test with a timer!!!

6.I choose Aldrin from 73 because of all the hard work he puts into his blogg. he probably sits for siix hours straight doing everything other people do that take us maybe less that an hour.

I choose Marielou's from 16 because of all the great pictures! overdoing it but using the spelling mistakes to trick or not was a good idea!

I choose Rebecca G's because she is the farthest ahead (so far) and has pretty pictures (hers maybbe good but aldrin is the KING)

I choose DION from 41 because he has wwwaaaayyy more and better stuff than aldrin and pie! ilke pie! pluss he has lots of cool animations!!!

7.insted of pie ill use cake! so the waffel guy makes a cake he calls over a friend to help eat it. the guy eats 6/36 and the friend eats 18/24. the guy orders a pizza and eats 4 /6 slices the friend eats 24/30 pieces how much did they eat all together? I did Ingrid's problems

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    By Blogger Allysha8-73, at 6:15 PM  

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    By Blogger Allysha8-73, at 6:26 PM  

  • sry me keep on deleting me keep on making a mistake 4 my answers.... and I just realized that me didn't make a mistake 0_0 -_-'
    Good job, nice colouring 4 the lettering.

    I think the answer to #4a is
    1.416 wid the 6 repeating and 4
    or 1 5/12

    #4b. is 8 1/6

    By Blogger Allysha8-73, at 6:40 PM  

  • Good job on doing part 1 early. You should just make your word problems more easy to understand, but great work.

    By Blogger Mest_Aldrin, at 6:34 PM  

  • Hi mike!
    Nice Pics!


    17/12 or 1 5/12

    b)Yay!!! Wafflees!!!!
    1 1/2=1 3/6+
    2 2/3=2 4/6

    3 7/6 or 4 1/6 and...

    5 6/6-
    4 1/6
    1 5/6 waffles are left!!
    Nice job Mike!

    By Blogger dion 8-41, at 4:00 PM  

  • 4a) 3/4 + 2/3 = 9/12 + 8/12 = 17/12 or 1 and 5/12 - that's how many pieces of pizza are left.

    4b)1 1/2 + 2 2/3 = 1 3/6 + 2 4/6 = 3 7/6 = 4 1/6
    now 6 = 5 6/6
    5 6/6 - 4 1/6 = 1 5/6 - that's how many are left

    By Blogger Mest_Aldrin, at 5:37 PM  

  • My anmswer to Layco's word problem: It's impossible. You can't eat 4/6 osf it and then eat another 24/30. Nice trey buddy, but try another one.

    By Blogger dilleybar, at 8:41 AM  

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