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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Scriibe :)

Before we started class, we were given a paper containing the instructions on our next growing post assignment on Fractions. Mr. Harbeck explained what we had to do on this assignment, its a little different compared to the previous one. The first part of the assignment is due on Thursday, May 4th, then we will be recieving the second part of the post. Then we wrote down stuff on Lowest Terms, Mixed numbers and Improper Fractions. We also took notes on 'How to add Fractions' . After that, we were assigned 3 more pages (C-37, C-43, C-44) to do for the rest of the class/homework.

* Growing Post is going to be a little different than the last one on geometry. The last growing post you were expected to add material to your post on a daily basis. This will remain the same. A difference this time is that you will be expected to participate on other people's posts by leaving comments. The questions below are just an outline of what is needed in this post. Feel Free to add other information about fractions.

Fraction Growing Post Instructions Part 1
1. Use a picture and text to show that you understand what expressing fractions in lowest terms means.
2. How are improper fractions and mixed numbers the same?
3. Find a website or blog that explains how to create equivalent fractions or write fractions in lowest terms. Create a link to it and a brief description of what the site has to offer.
4. a) Write a word problem that involves adding these two fractions with the denominators of fourths and thirds and your answer is an improper fraction.b) Write a word problem that involves subtracting two mixed numbers.
5. Go to three peoples growing posts and answer their fraction problems by leaving comments. One of the three people cannot be from your homeroom!!
6. Find a website or blog that explains how to add or subtract fractions. Create a link to it and a brief description of what the site has to offer. Check out other students growing posts. If you like what you see leave a comment telling them what they are doing well. if you notice a mistake leave a comment on how to fix or improve the post.
End of Part 1.
* Due thursday, May 4th.

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  • Nicely done. I think you got everything I said in class. Good job. Loking foeward to seeing your fraction growing post.

    By Blogger Mr. H, at 2:47 PM  

  • Mr Harbeck! its not done yet!

    By Blogger dearly8-73, at 2:47 PM  

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