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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Camy's Fraction Growing Post

Part I ...

3. Equivalent Fractions - This site teaches you how to "identify" equivalent fractions and it also has a test you can take to learn to make equivalent fractions.
Simplifying Fractions - This site has the same things as the site above, but it's about simplifying fractions.

4a. SAM is always hungry. Today she had 3/4 leftover SUSHI. She got mad because that wasn't enough for her so I spared her 4/3 of mine. How much SUSHI does SAM have now (still not enough ;P)?
b. If I had 6 4/9 pizza but had to give 3 2/3 of it to JENNY, how much pizza would I have left?

5. I answered Amy's.

6. Adding Fractions - This site explains how to add fractions and gives examples.
Subtracting Fractions - This site explains how to subtract fractions and shows how to subtract fractions with the same and different denominators, mixed numbers, and improper fractions.

Part II ...

1. working on it ...

3. Multiplying Fractions - Click the link to get to a site that teaches you how to multiply fractions. It explains well and even gives examples.


5. Dividing Fractions - A pretty simple site that explains how to divide fractions. It talks about reciprocals, dividing simple fractions as well as dividing mixed fractions. It also has some kind of game.



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  • good job on the posting (y) lol its a good improvment over " hold on! " bwahaha (x

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  • yes i'm always hungry -_-" camy's mean doncha think ? tehehe but good post (y) proo (x

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