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Monday, May 01, 2006

fraction growing post [part one and two]

2. improper fractions and mixed numbers are the same because they show/explain the same thing, but is shown/explained in a different way.. right?

this site explains how to create equivalent fractions into lowest terms in a simple way..

4. ...

5. ...

this site explains how to add and subtract fractions, and is easy to understand..

fractions growing post [part two]

.... wait


- to multiply fractions you multiply the numerators together, then multiply the denominators together...

3. multiplying fractions - this site shows you how to multiply fractions, like the way we did in the class... it explains how to multiply fractions in a simple way..


- when you divide fractions you reverse the second fraction then you multiply the numerator and then multiply the denominators together.. [ not a good explainer..!]

5. dividing fractions - this site shows you how to divide fractions and make it into simplest terms, and it explains how to divide fractions with mix numbers as well...

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