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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sam's Fraction Growing Post

3. Equivalent Fraction

This site shows you what to do to create equivalent fractions. It also shows you how to make fractions into lowest terms.

4a. If I had 3/4 of a pack of candy and my friend gave me 1/3 of her candy, how much candy do we have all together?

4b. If I had 2 1/5 left of my cake and gave my brother 1 2/7 of my cake how much cake do i have left?

5. I answered Jenessa's, Ingrid's, and Annalyn's.

6. Adding and Subtracting Fraction

This site shows you how to add and subtract fractions that have the same AND different denominators.

7. HA I'm done (: bwahaha finally dx


1. wait, its confusing


3. Multiplying Fractions

This site shows you how to multiply fractions. It shows how to multiply fractions by mixed numbers and other fractions. It also shows us how to multiply fractions by a whole number and a mixed number by a mixed number.


5. Dividing Fractions

This site shows us how to divide fractions with both same denominators and different denominators. It shows us how to "invert and multiply" (reciprocals) . Also, it tells us that we need to make common denominators.

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